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Example Titles:

Director of Sales, Vice President of Sales, Sales Manager, Inside Sales Manager, Outside Sales Manager, Account Manager, Regional Sales Representative, Channel Manager, Account Executive, Sales Engineer, Systems Engineer, Solutions Architect, Technical Sales Representative, Account Director, Global Vice President, CEO

List of Industries:

Computer Software, Internet, Computer Networking & Security, SaaS, IP Analytics, Marketing & Advertising, TelCo, Computer Hardware, Beverage Distribution, Manufacturing, Media & PR


Focus. Efficiency. Results

You are not a number to us. Our team is dedicated to putting you first. We are available seven days a week and will work with you to come up with a game plan specific to your needs and the way you prefer to hire.

We know you want results quickly. Our promise is to never sift through our personal networks, and deliver results specific to your role and company. We take the time to truly understand who and what you are looking for. We do not post jobs - we go out and find the best talent, and make the introduction for you.

We are all you need to make your next great hire. We promise results in less than 30 days: it is a team effort between Rian Consulting Group and your company to work together to interview, offer and hire the best sales force.

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Customer Reviews

"Just wrapped up the calls and have to say, this was an incredible stable of individuals brought to me in record time…"
"The guy is just going to blow it wide open in the PNW and this is what is possible when you set the table correctly…BOOM Thank you all for making this happen"
"I have a recruiter I use…she has a really solid model for identifying the right folks and bringing them to the table...she’s incredibly hungry and a tireless worker for the team"
"Thank you again for setting up these candidates. I’m greatly impressed with the talent you’ve found…Had three great conversations today…Greatly appreciate the efforts you’ve put into this"
"Ashley was extremely helpful in finding the perfect company and fit for my professional skills and personality."
"She was professionally persistent and made sure that I didn't pass up a great opportunity while she was working to recruit me!"
"Ashley saw potential in me and helped me to open my eyes and mind to a very prosperous career."
"I am extremely grateful to have met Ashley, and work with her during the hiring process. My career and life wouldn't have been the same without her guidance and encouragement!"
"For that faith and determination, I owe a huge step in my career to Ashley, and I can't thank her enough...any applicant should trust in the direction she points you in!"