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Rian Consulting Group is a full service sales recruiting agency, specializing in sales roles from VP level to entry-level sales development. We work each individual job as a brand new role, never pulling from our personal networks, and searching specifically for the ideal player. We listen to what you need and deliver results quickly!


Our Sales Recruiting Process:

  • Discovery call with Hiring Manager to outline ideal candidate profile
  • Identify Potential Candidates who fit your profile
  • Qualify and deliver qualified and interested candidates and introduce to your team
  • Present candidate backgrounds to Hiring Manager
  • Actively move candidates through the interview process
  • Make offer, assist through onboarding process

Principles and Promises


We know you want results quickly. Our promise is to never sift through our personal networks, and deliver results specific to your role and company. We take the time to truly understand who and what you are looking for. We do not post jobs - we go out and find the best talent, and make the introduction for you.

Personal Attention:

You are not a number to us. Our team is dedicated to putting you first. We are available seven days a week and will work with you to come up with a game plan specific to your needs and the way you prefer to hire.


We are all you need to make your next great hire. We promise results in less than 30 days: it is a team effort between Rian Consulting Group and your company to work together to interview, offer and hire the best sales force.

Why Choose Rian Consulting Group?

  • Get Introduced to the passive talent who would never apply to a job posting
  • Have 24/7 Support to engage and hire the desired candidates
  • Make a Compelling Offer with Rian Consulting Group’s assistance
  • Avoid Expensive Hiring Mistakes by hiring the best people first
  • 100% Sales Recruiting: Our team’s focus and training is 100% sales-specific